Brand: TENA

Period: May - August 2017

Project Description

With the Tena brand, the largest manufacturer of diapers for adults, we launched a digital campaign based on the idea that the best way to express love to the elders is to spend much time with them.

We ran an online competition ("Beraber Daha Mutlu") which was divided into 3 stages.

Every ten days, we offered our participants:
- to show how they keep traditions along with their grandparents and teach them to use modern gadgets;
- to sing with grandma, grandpa or dance with them;
- to do sports together with elder people: football, swimming, badminton etc.

We invited TOP - 10 turkish bloggers to take part in this project and to be an example of showing how to care after elder ones. We also launched a website with information about the project and opportunity to order a free sample of TENA products.

Every ten days, the jury awarded 5 intermediate winners with the movie tickets, and the Grand prize was a 7-day trip for four people in a 5-star hotel in one of the best Turkish resorts.